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How technology is redefining “sustainability”

  • Onuorah Ugochukwu
  • 14th Sep, 2020

How technology is redefining “sustainability”

Sustainability is a broad term used to indicate projects, programs, initiatives and actions that is aimed at the preservation of a particular resource. Hence, measures are put in place to meet human, social, economic and environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
In preserving resources and keeping it untampered for posterity’s use, many approaches are proposed and adopted by institutions like the United Nations to preserve fundamental sectors of the economy like education, health, poverty eradication, etc. Already, focus and attention has been focusing on basic things, yet the ignorance of sustained growth beyond establishing of initiatives still prevails.
At what point then will ‘sustainable’ projects become unsustainable?
Considering the public and private sector, many operations and businesses have become stale due to conditions that have disfavoured business environment. SMEs can no more do business in situations that threaten health, access to market and a locked logistics systems. In the article, Highlighting “Pandemic Opportunities”, it outlined how the challenges that threaten health can present new opportunities for growth with technologies that suite your business’ uniqueness.
In that same line of thought, access to market and products can be locked with an unsustainable market model. As a result, the use of technology can give such a business, the leap that helps overcome the problems of situation-dependent market. Technologies in terms of ecommerce, websites, mobile apps, desktop (stand alone) application, etc can emerge in the uniqueness of your business in creating a buffer for challenges that have crippled the successes of many. Surprisingly, many are enjoying such technologies to a profit. Some of our partners have proven that these technologies has helped them sustain their businesses. For example, Godfrey Okoye University Secondary School are conducting academic activities using our platform without a hitch. Both teachers, parents and student spaces are unaffected with a lot less cost. Nezorcreations Fashion has his clothing line on sales on the internet without a barrier. Mshel Homes Limited, a real estate company operates its business transaction irrespective of location with our Real Estate Transactional Application (RETA).
These are but a few businesses that our technologies have kept afloat and booming in this season. Take advantage of these and more to keep your business growing.

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